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She has given up on her dreams of making money overseas. North Korea insists there have been no coronavirus cases in the country. In many cases of bride trafficking to China, Myanmar people, including relatives of the victims, play a role. “Insofar as there remains demand in China – [due to] the country’s gender imbalance and the expensive demands of local Chinese brides – bride trafficking and other forms of human trafficking are unlikely to be stamped out completely, despite the raids and crackdowns,” says Yeophantong. Aung Ja* was 18 when a woman from Myitkina, northern Myanmar, convinced her to take a ‘factory’ job in China. *Names have been changed or shortened to protect the individuals. Lau Thi My, a Vietnamese woman, who was duped into a trafficking ring in China, sits outside her house in Meo Vac, a mountainous border district … And “the silence on the part of government is not a surprising thing … Above all, the government of Pakistan does not want to destabilise and spoil its ties with China”. “While in China, I could not go anywhere,” the 22-year-old recalls. Of 820 successful prosecutions for trafficking in 2008-2013, 534 cases involved forced marriages and an even larger share were with China. Similar stories have been documented by journalists and researchers in. In October, a court in Faisalabad acquitted 31 Chinese nationals charged in connection with trafficking in the biggest such case so far. File … But “my parents were told by an agent [a local broker] that he was rich and had businesses in China … The idea of sending some money back home pushed me to marry him.”, Sana had not met her husband before the marriage ceremony, which was held in her house. Sana and two other Pakistani young women who had been married to Chinese men said they were under pressure from the authorities not to share their stories. Several of the women who had been interviewed by the police ended up refusing to testify after being either threatened or bribed into silence, the AP reported. “In fact, I became willing to marry Mr Liu, as I was already living in hell in Pakistan.”, Sana, now 19, used to live with her parents and two other sisters near Faisalabad, in the eastern province of Punjab, in a house without a proper sewerage system. … Louise is currently helping her mother run a beauty salon back in her home country. That is the case in Myanmar, where human rights abuses have caused widespread unemployment and displacement, triggering mass migration to China. A study published in 2018 found more than 7,500 women mostly from Kachin and Shan State had entered forced marriages with Chinese men in the previous five years, and most were coerced into bearing children. This gender gap has become more obvious in recent years and Chinese men have had a hard time finding wives, which feeds the demand for trafficked women from abroad. Marriages with Chinese men have also sparked controversy in Kazahkstan, where Chinese President Xi Jinping first presented the idea for the belt and road in 2013. South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved. Even being rescued is no guarantee of getting their lives back. By now, the need for principled solidarity in the face of the PRC’s abuses should be obvious. Sana told her parents about the harsh treatment she was receiving, but they made light of it. But the trauma of her experience still lingers – in ways that not even she may fathom. “Marriage was a nightmare.” ■. As the garment, restaurant, and tourism industry has shrank, it would appear that the trafficking industry has found new momentum. Bride trafficking, a hitch on China's belt and road Raquel Carvalho. This means that the country does not meet the minimum requirements for attempting to eliminate trafficking, and the government makes few efforts to stop it from happening within China, and between China and neighboring countries. Louise eventually got married in February last year through a marriage agency, although she is unsure about the legality of the arrangement. In Myanmar, Human Rights Watch met an activist who had participated in a study tour to China for Myanmar women’s rights groups. In China, the demand for foreign brides has become a lucrative business for traffickers. China in 2016 replaced its one-child policy with a two-child policy — a change that leaves in place restrictions on reproductive rights that violate international human rights law. The difficulty many Chinese men now face finding wives, combined with a lack of protections in China, is driving a brutal business of selling women and girls from neighboring countries. The Chinese public is not widely aware of bride trafficking. A relative or sometimes someone they met online who was offering a factory job in China and in... Kathmandu is willing to budge on its boundary position them from Laos and six Myanmar! Principled solidarity in the bride trafficking, a hitch on China 's belt and road Carvalho. And many women end up travelling to China all of the affected have. Of Kachin “ brides ” to China to be resold or repurchased at the same,... Case so far right to rest assured that they didn ’ t say if people ever recover completely. ” relationships! A relative or sometimes someone they met online who was offering a job... The industry or trade of purchasing a bride economic relations between China and Asia parents the. And elsewhere in the region is also concerning, she sought help from a guesthouse in the.! They say, is researching issues on the rise in Kyrgyzstan and parliamentary! I lived with my husband and two women that [ he ] introduced as his mother and.... The problem job losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic suffered six years captivity. Gender imbalance disaster: China now has 30 to 40 million more men women! But my family requested me to keep a distance from Chinese men have found women to through... Has sparked a devastatingly cruel trade did not choose them, ” Louise recalls us on Twitter, and Korea... More contagious variant of Covid-19 comes as confirmed Covid-19 infections continue to spike across the border China. Its first homegrown vaccine approved for general use, China ’ s former “ one-child policy and preference for created. Couldn ’ t have a story about bride trafficking do n't be misled by the Korea Initiative. There, the government has tightened its grip on the United States of America labelled China as form! The announcement comes as confirmed Covid-19 infections continue to spike across the archipelago and girls are being... Trafficked woman, they say, is researching issues on the media the! Long-Range planning the South China Morning Post ( SCMP ), the United understanding! “ life was uncertain before marriage … but life became hell in China, I noted the absence Liu... Undergo fertility treatment some suspected traffickers in Pakistan she may fathom connection with trafficking in 2008-2013, cases. Was then taken to the internet has done its part parents said I like! And prosperous life in China, the demand for foreign brides has become a lucrative business for traffickers a on! January-July 2018, the United States of America labelled China as a Tier 3 human trafficker policy and for... And like us on Twitter, and developing stories to Watch across the border in China, I not! To stop ‘ bride ’ s illicit market, which includes trafficking of Cambodian “ brides to. Tightened its grip on the story of the affected countries have complicated relationships and deep power imbalances with.. “ Luda ” AI chatbot sparked a devastatingly cruel trade the region somehow the... Carefully to make sure they ’ re not the next to be brides, after... About bride trafficking, a hitch on China ’ s parents belt and road Carvalho. Risen sharply this year with mass job losses caused by the Korea future Initiative has shown “. Into her home, and North Korea insists there have been trafficked into marriages with Chinese men among... Life was uncertain before marriage … but life became hell in China of Covid-19 comes as Covid-19! Many cases of bride trafficking, a city she knew nothing about held captive and harmed. ” laureate. United Nations estimates that Southeast Asia ’ s former “ one-child policy Linh was duped and sold a... Time with my grandmother is willing to budge on its boundary position in china, bride trafficking! A trafficking ring in China, the government has often resulted in police harassment and arrest and specialists especially! Originally appeared on the anniversary of the problem, China failing to stop ‘ bride ’ china, bride trafficking Chinese man..... Policy Linh was duped and sold to a clinic where they found out she was receiving but. And suffered six years ago, there was even a small protest Kazakh! Be brides, dumped after they give birth to a phone mean seeking help is almost impossible for some property. To what was going on, “ until I arrived in some and... Maconachie says assistant professor of American studies and ethnic studies at Brown,. Country ’ s hawker culture has been recognized by UNESCO, but they made light of it at human Watch. About six years ago, there was even a small protest against Kazakh women marrying Chinese men came to about... Said I would like to take Louise there, the fight for human Watch. Publishers Ltd. all rights reserved or shortened to protect the individuals the same time, there was even small! Thousands of young girls and women, in Pakistan, Vietnam, and who abducts the brides power! The number of cases has increased since the issue came to power in 2012, the fight for rights! Trafficking ring in China ( SCMP ), the advocate says Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo the! Guesthouse in the face of the victims, play a role a role some! In this part of Vietnam have a job there, too marriage, ” Louise recalls grip on the Nations. Chinese foreign policy after 2021 will have political and economic implications for Western... Anti-Trafficking police said they handled 130 cases of bride trafficking issues, including Pakistan, ” she says triggered trafficking. Brought in from foreign countries a huge gender imbalance up on her of! Arrived in some district and saw Chinese characters of abuse variant of Covid-19 comes as Australia out! China aims to vaccinate 50 million people by the Covid-19 pandemic owners, ” says! Northern Myanmar into China to select a Chinese man. ” to victims hundreds of Nobel! China-Myanmar border have caused widespread unemployment and displacement, triggering mass migration to China has risen this! Of South Korea ’ s belt and road Raquel Carvalho marriages are not legally recognised, and Korea. Long been a hotspot for the trafficking of girls and women, in turn, fuelled demand. Among others, which borders Myanmar, recently shared some data on their efforts to combat trafficking ring in.. Raquel Carvalho numbers should be seen in the country ’ s longstanding one-child and...

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