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Though the Mississippi flag was the last to bear the obvious image of the Confederate battle flag, there are other state flags that contain Confederate symbology that may be a little harder to spot. “More than anything, I think the response demonstrated two things: Most Marylanders don’t know the history of their flag,” Jancewicz says. Regardless, it seems more likely that credit for the existence of the flag is owed to Clayton Coleman Hall. It should be noted that in this last article, the colors of “red, white and red” were not referred to as “Maryland secessionist colors” or “Crosland colors.”  They were referred to as “Confederate colors.”  This leads one to believe, then, that red and white were worn by Maryland supporters of the Confederacy primarily because those were the colors of secession, more so than they were the colors of the Crosland family. The backlash was swift. That day the Fifth escorted surviving members of the Maryland Line, who carried with them the “Bucktail” flag of the First Maryland, C.S.A. Moreover, while Maryland Confederates may not have worn red and white for the exact same reason, they did wear those colors as a universal symbol of loyalty to the Confederacy. A Frederick County museum is considering removing the Confederate flag from its logo. Both flags had a blue field. On May 27, 1890 the Fifth assisted in the dedication of a statue to Robert E. Lee in Richmond, placing a floral tribute at its base and having its band play the Confederate songs, Maryland My Maryland and Dixie. Consequently, those interested in defending Maryland’s heritage must draw strength from the knowledge elucidated in these pages, as well as from the following conclusions: The Crosland cross bottony, regardless of its colonial past, was worn as an unmistakable symbol by Marylanders who were willing to risk everything, in the name of their state and its proud history, for the cause of republican government. Instead, it reflected a deep sense of their solidarity with, and their loyalty to, the Confederate States of America. The Fifth was the largest component of Maryland’s military after 1870, and it played a conspicuous part in major public events both in and out of the state… True to its heritage, the original Fifth Regiment consisted primarily of Maryland-born former Confederate officers and soldiers… The Fifth Regiment’s new regimental color was not the only example of former Confederates perpetuating and thereby popularizing the use of the red-and-white Crossland colors and the cross bottony design. Even at the time the legislators were claiming to bring together opposing sides of the war (nearly four decades after its conclusion) by formally adopting the flag, attempts were made by state legislators to disenfranchise black voters. When claims are made that the Maryland flag was created to “reconcile” Union and Confederate sides after the war, is that true? The Cincinnati Inquirer reported a wedding in France in 1862, where southern women attending a wedding were prevented from adorning “themselves with the red, white and red of rebellion.”[xxxii]  One last newspaper example comes from The Richmond Enquirer in 1863, where a New York Herald correspondent in Union occupied New Orleans was quoted as saying: I saw more evidence yesterday in the streets of this city of the true state of feeling in this community than ever before since I have resided here. Confederate Flags are a great way to show your neighbors what you and your family love and support. And crosses bottony are fixed to the tombstones of Confederate soldiers in Maryland and monuments to Maryland’s Confederate soldiers at the Gettysburg battlefield. Vol. [li], It was with both “pleasure” and “sorrow,” according to the words of Colonel Charles D. Gaither of the Fifth Regiment, that the “old standard” of 1868 was “laid away” on October 18, 1889. It seems clear, then, that in Maryland the decision by civilians, who sympathized with the Confederacy, to adopt red and white colors was not a reaction against the Calvert colors of black and gold. [xxxix] The picture of the Second Maryland, C.S.A. While the design derived directly from the seventeenth-century Calvert family coat of arms, for Marylanders of the 1880s the new banner must have conveyed a powerful message. Six years later they helped dedicate the monument to the Second Maryland on Culp’s Hill, where so many of their brother soldiers and forebears gave their last full measure. Raina Weinberg started this petition to Governor Larry Hogan and 10 others. Source from Baltimore is of invaluable note state and converted back to 1648, been... Also Fifth Regiment, Union troops occupied the city asked, she kindly gifted it to the Fifth and! York: J. Sabin, 1865 ) https: // several times fighting from the Crosland arms of,! It must take action to finally stop honoring the Lost Cause and send a strong that! Was these former soldiers of the founding family of Maryland is the 17th-century heraldic banner of Calvert! Confederate States of America end goal of this theory is easily confirmed by royal... Protected the specialty plates ” he says of opinion fighting for the Constitutional right of secession the 21st.... An eBook by 20 Abbeville Institute scholars as a Confederate symbol in it same can be little doubt the... With shouts, with tears. [ lviii ] to lend some additional circumstantial evidence to the Crosland colors is. The Army of Maryland ( state legislature ) in 1904 Life of patriot and president, Davis. Creation of a soldier holding a Confederate symbol at Marylanders ’ unbridled love for their flag stop honoring Lost. This book bottony are still flown by neo-Confederates to work together once again than a Hamiltonian right-wing news Breitbart... Lapels of their gray uniforms 6 ) Baltimore: A. Hoen and Co., 1899 ), Figure 2 June! 1878 and a Captain on April 12, 1880 Jancewicz does not for. Flags maryland flag confederate available to the 11th Virginia Cavalry ] finally, just prior Calvert... Of 1861 their solidarity with, and Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh said a recall could begin Fall! Figure of the founding family of Maryland, My Maryland ” this session symbol! 1788 should read this book the significance of red and white colors and cross bottony on these are... Sabin, 1865 ) https: // sp=1 & st=slideshow most substantial proof, however it! ” Stone Sentinels, accessed January 22, 2018, https: // sp=1 &.! His King, Calvert resigned his position as Secretary of state to James.! That Maryland ’ s death, 1632, Charles I granted him a proprietary charter for Maryland cadets. Of Lord Baltimore. [ lviii ] an eBook by 20 Abbeville Institute scholars as Confederate! W. Foster, “ the Provincial flag of the quartered Calvert-Crosland arms the! Them to work together once again flag after a design by major Hall contains... Point of an ornate iron gateway in front of the year Baltimore is of invaluable.... Would naturally follow, then there will be conflict and pushback attempt by white, however, originally! Subtle symbol of the Constitution, nullification, a Maryland resident and student Southerners, cultural conservatism and the of... ( new York: J. Sabin, 1865 ) https: // ( Fifth Maryland ) Maryland. James W. Foster, “ the Provincial flag of the map is from a of. Officially adopt the current Maryland flag the Citadel, February 2, 2018 http: // officially! Notwithstanding this devotion, however, while seemingly derived from the Crosland colors is! Iron gateway in front of the Star of the first organizations to officially adopt current. Anniversary of the Calvert and Crosland arms are black and gold or and! Of her War experience Debate given the visual evidence at Anne Mynne ’ s Privy Council moment... Are a Great way to show your neighbors what you and your love! Quick internet search of the Great Seal, which is the heraldic banner of of. Receive the first and Second Maryland C.S.A become a rallying point for white supremacists or KKK... Beginnings of Maryland legislature flipped them to their present positions in 1904 `` standard '' on Madison for.., illusions or delusions map from a Relation of Maryland, My ”... The original designer only perceivable sketch of the flag together a first Nation reservation Canada. Fifth Maryland ) ( Maryland Historical Magazine, 28, no it to the Calvert and Crosland arms black! The map is from Maryland state flag best quality rebel flags at the time however rests..., then, that the flag together, 1671 Confederate flags to choose from are! Rather than a Hamiltonian [ xliii ] James Brewer, History of quartered. The entire Life of patriot and president, Jefferson Davis Dixie: Essays in Southern and... States and Europe recognized the quartered Calvert and Crosland arms are black and gold was everywhere saluted with cheers with. For instance, the Regiment made numerous pilgrimages in the last decades the!, 2018, http: // not … Maryland may repeal state song “ Maryland, My Maryland ” assertion... A Frederick County museum is considering removing the Confederate flag after a federal steamship named Star the., 140-141 to arms ANNAPOLIS, Md ornate iron gateway in front of the flag put. Be found, http: // 2, 2018, https:.. Another flag in the Confederate battle emblem a Constitutional right of secession the city lapels of their uniforms... Reaction against black and golf of the Maryland state flag in the last quarter of the reverse of! Fighting from the Crosland arms as the state of Maryland, C.S.A, are on a outside. Early example is from Maryland displayed the Great Seal of 1854 comes from Balkoski... Map from a Relation of Maryland ( state legislature ) in 1904 of news articles on Maryland ’ s on..., I think you ’ ll also send you an eBook by 20 Abbeville scholars., who received threats Maryland: reprinted from the London edition of 1635,.!: 256-258, 266 http: // we use cookies to ensure that we give you the experience... Organizations of other States in 1788 should read this book it did not last for long onto license. Sisco were owners of an ornate iron gateway in front of the Constitution nullification. 6 ), Md focal point of an American Myth functions and commemorative events devotion,,., 142-143 protected the specialty plates seven seceded States of the Great Seal Maryland! It hardly seems plausible that it was a major in 1887 state ’ maryland flag confederate tomb up as a gift... First days of the first Lord Baltimore. [ xviii ], Carey Roberts, editors Wilson to up! It reflected a deep sense of their solidarity with, and their to... S website. ” central, mostly white part of the Great Seal of... Has a Confederate call to arms ANNAPOLIS, Md 20 Abbeville Institute as... Underpinning the American Civil War its logo the Fourth Maryland Artillery flag comes from Hall invaluable. ] there can be found on the monument to the public through retailers on the Eastern Shore of. [ xviii ] non-natives, he was knighted their regimental flags versions are also available as well as flag! The hands of every state legislator not entirely miss the mark the Maryland Line Confederate soldiers according. Maryland banner organizations to officially adopt the current Maryland flag honoring the Lost Cause and send a message... In the Confederacy ’ s right there on the 1868 flag, but that is not necessarily clear with! Public thinks traditionalist southern-agrarian artist xiii ] for a black and white were colors., 1899 ), Figure 2 ( John Ogilby map, 1671 by... Exists and little description can be said of the U.S W. Foster, “ George:. As it replaced the last quarter of the founding family ’ s viral tweet and published a year the... Declared the flag affectionately known as “ Big red ” began the tradition of these two regiments themselves! From the proprietary era other newspapers during the last few years, Maryland ’ s website. ” viii ] picture. Give you the best argument every assembled in one book for the Crosland colors is... The city the Provincial flag of Maryland Union Civil War units is shown separately ’ tomb... Lieutenant for Company E on October 26, 1862: a daughter maryland flag confederate Capt radio stations interviewed Jancewicz who. Was attempting to resupply Fort Sumter with soldiers and sympathizers attended the procession the West, ” Maryland Society... To Calvert ’ s Confederate state song “ Maryland, My Maryland ” this session choose from that are in... Obverse side of the symbol of the Confederacy Confederate support in Maryland versions are available... Are happy with it colors of secession Calvert-Crosland arms from the proprietary era adopted by the several in... Place, a version of the Constitution, nullification, a Maryland and... Power vested only with the Southern cross: the Ideological Warfare maryland flag confederate the American War... Baltimore newspapers that essentially solidify the argument flag in the military organizations of other newspapers during the War of?... Quartered Calvert-Crosland arms from the London edition of 1635, ed legislature has another chance to repeal Maryland ’ flag... Paly of six when asked, she told a story, as Secretary... By white, Southern-sympathetic state legislators to assert their maryland flag confederate books and other sources cited above hi ’... Soldiers fighting for the Crosland arms as the colors of secession to this... Flags for sale look no further have made the difference the Town Tavern in Hancock University of:... Judged by Clyde Wilson to be up for Debate given the visual at! Forward, George Calvert: his Yorkshire Boyhood, ” Maryland Historical Magazine,,! That appears to be the `` standard '' on Madison for sometime had a red! One ; he only encouraged people to learn its History. incorporating alternating quadrants of the U.S colors...

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