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The Chairman of the drafting committee explained that draft article 15A had been introduced to compensate for the deletion of the concept of “due process” from draft article 15 (article 21). He explained that the new draft article transformed legal guarantees for prisoners into constitutional guarantees, thus protecting personal freedom against arbitrary acts. Imagine that you and your classmates are now part of the criminal justice system. First, divide the class into four groups of people: The right column contains a list of functions. Match the roles listed on the left. Let each group choose the functions it must perform to do justice to those who have been affected by the violence of Fiesta fans. In what order are these functions performed? “, “dateCreated”: “2018-05-08 15:35:59”, “upvoteCount”: 839, “url”: “www.zigya.com/study/book?class=8&board=gbshse&subject=Social+Science&book=Social+and+Political+Life&chapter=Understanding+Our+Criminal+Justice+System&q_type=&q_topic=What+is+the+Role+of+the+Police+in+Investigating+a+Crime&question_id=SSEN8011674”, “author”: { “@type”: “Person”, “name”: “Anonymous” } } } } } } The role of prosecutor begins as soon as the __________ has conducted the investigation. The draft article provides for protective measures for persons detained or detained and provides for exceptions for persons subject to pre-trial detention. (c) the procedure to be followed by an advisory committee in the context of an investigation referred to in clause 4(a). • Police officers making arrests or interrogations must bear a simple, correct and identifiable identity and name tags with their name. In the Understanding Our Criminal Justice System section, several protocols must be followed for a fair trial. Article 21 of the Constitution, which guarantees the right to life, stipulates that a person`s life or liberty may be taken away only by a fair and just trial.

A fair trial guarantees compliance with the provisions of article 21 of the Constitution. • At the time of detention, a register of arrests should be established, including the time and date of arrest. At least one witness, a family member of the accused, could also be a witness. The arrested person must sign the document. Some members were of the view that the draft article did not go far enough. One proposed a series of amendments, one of which gave defendants the right to be defended by a lawyer of their choice. He argued that this was necessary to bring the draft article into conformity with existing legal provisions. It was adopted by the Assembly. . Police are not allowed to anyone during the investigation ___________ or ___ Have you ever heard of an FIR? Who is a prosecutor? The trial is well highlighted in Chapter 6 of the CBSE Class 8 Civic Education Notes, as is the role of individuals in the criminal justice system. Students can review the NCERT Class 8 Book chapter by searching cbse Notes Class 8 Civics Chapter 6-Understanding Our Criminal Justice System.

5. Where a person is detained on the basis of an order made in accordance with a law providing for pre-trial detention, the authority issuing the order shall inform that person as soon as possible of the reasons for which the order was made and shall give him the earliest opportunity to oppose the order. • A person who has been arrested, detained or interrogated has the right to inform a relative, acquaintance or sympathizer. If a friend or relative lives outside the district, the police must inform them of the time, place of arrest and place of detention within 8 to 12 hours of arrest. Prohibition of trafficking in human beings and forced labour. The Supreme Court of India provides basic standards and protocols that police and other authorities must follow when arresting, detaining and interrogating people. The next section of Understanding Our Criminal Justice System presents D.K. Basu`s guidelines, which are as follows: Every arrested person is guaranteed the following fundamental rights under Section 22 of the Constitution and Criminal Law: The first section of Understanding Our Criminal Justice System talks about criminal justice. Criminal justice is the system of practices and institutions of governments that aim to maintain social control, deter and mitigate crime, or punish those who violate laws with criminal sanctions and rehabilitation efforts. Other members expressed concern about the lack of preventive security for detainees.

Several wanted to reduce the authorized duration of this detention to periods ranging from two months to fifteen days to twenty-four hours. One member wanted to extend the right to be informed of the reasons for his own arrest to these prisoners, arguing that this would prevent the police from arresting people indiscriminately. All these amendments were rejected by the House. . Draft article 15A was considered on 15 and 16 September 1949. This was not part of the 1948 draft constitution. Instead, the Chairman of the drafting committee proposed to include the following as draft article 15A: The reasons:(i) Independence is maintained. (ii) Not everyone has the capacity to do everything. . If someone performs the functions of the criminal justice system, the victim may not receive justice and may be affected by other assumptions.

Therefore, a separation of powers is often necessary in the judicial system, as absolute authority will lead to injustice. W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/loose.dtd>. Members stressed that the provisions of the Advisory Board were vague and did not provide guidance on its functioning or on the safeguards relating to the rights of detainees. In response to these concerns, the President proposed to amend Article (4) in order to give Parliament the power to legislate by defining the procedure to be followed by the Advisory Council. It was adopted by the Assembly. Deciding for how many years the accused will be imprisoned What are the fundamental rights guaranteed by article 22 of the Constitution and the criminal law of each person arrested? A single ideology may not be the right one, as it can affect the process and outcome of the case. 1. Policy 2. Office of the Prosecutor 3. Defence counsel 4. Judge Take the same situation now, but ask a student who is a supporter of the Fiesta Club to perform all of the functions listed above.

Do you think victims would receive justice if one person performed all the functions of the criminal justice system? Why not? Give two reasons why you believe different people need to play different roles in the criminal justice system. Police begin their investigation into a crime by recording a ___ We hope that NCERT`s notes and solutions on “Understanding Our Criminal Justice System” have been helpful to you. You can read notes for the other chapters of the Class 8 program. And if you plan to study abroad, let it be after the 10th century. In class or for graduation, Leverage Edu supports you to this end! The process of preparing for study abroad is long and hectic, so you need to start preparing for it as soon as possible! However, the first step will be to book our FREE consultation call today! Two reasons why different persons must play different roles in the criminal justice system are as follows: (6) Nothing in subsection 5 requires an authority making such an order under this clause to disclose facts that it considers to be contrary to the public interest. In a public court, in public – in the presence of the accused has been defended by a defense lawyer has the opportunity to cross-examine all prosecution witnesses and to present witnesses in the defense of the accused lawyer-judge must assume that the accused is innocent – the prosecution must prove beyond any doubt that the defendant is guilty – the judge decides the case solely on the basis of the evidence – The judge remains impartial. If innocence is proven, the accused may be released. provided that nothing in this paragraph permits the detention of a person beyond the maximum period prescribed by an Act of Parliament under paragraph (b) of section (7); or The judge is like a _________ in a game and conducts the ________ impartially in a public court. In a town called Peace Land, fans of the Fiesta football team learn that fans of the Jubilee football team from the nearby town, about 40 km away, have damaged the pitch on which the final between the two teams is due to take place the next day. A mob of Fiesta fans armed with deadly weapons attack the homes of Jubilee football team fans in the city.

The attack killed 10 men, seriously injured 5 women, destroyed many homes and injured more than 50 people. ” , “text”: “Help me with the appropriate answer..”, “answerCount”: “1”, “dateCreated”: “2018-05-08 15:35:59”, “author”: { “@type”: “organization”, “name”: “Research Assistant” }, “acceptedAnswer”: { “@type”: “Answer”, “text”: ” //W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/loose.dtd> Chapter 6 Understanding our criminal justice system also discusses the role of the judge in the justice system. .


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